#151 - Family thing [Big]


November 18th, 2014, 5:57 pm

R.I.P. Zea the Pidgeotto, lv. 3 - 20 | page #20 - #151

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Here it is, guys. The second anniversary of Yonkoma Nuzlocke. Huge THANK YOU to all my readers - lurkers, commenters and likers, you're all awesome. Please continue to support YN in the future.

But... Yeah, now we're officially a Nuzlocke aren't we...
eworm, November 18th, 2014, 5:01 pm

congrats on the second anniversary!
also 151 pages = Kanto Dex


poor zea also happy 2 year aniversary...and 2 badges.....

WHY ZEA WHYYYYY (if anybody asks I do not have feelings for a pidgeotto)

You jerk. You buid up that character and make her death completely unexpected. Now I'm gonna have to cry in a corner! But seriously, what happened in game?

In all seriousness, this was a really sad death. I like the unpredictability and how quickly it happened. I know this sounds bad, but I think that if any of your characters at this point were to die, I would pick Zea. Not that I didn't like her, but I feel like other characters were more fleshed out. Also, I feel like Vang is going to do through a lot of character development,and I think hw will be shaken by this. Also, PG's reaction kind of made of made me nervous. He seemed so indifferent. Something's definitely up. Also, Zea was the only one who saw what he did other than Zack. Anyway that's my two cents. Thank you for your time. :)

why Zea? D: I blame Vang. It seems like he'll be here for a long while so i need to at least give him a chance. But what happened in the game? Did you really use Zea in the Gym battle and she lost? DD:

I recommend checking out my Nuzlocke Forums thread (link's in the menu above), heck, make an account, it's a wonderful place full of fantastic runs... Anyway, I tend to write more there, so whenever you're curious about something...

But yeah, what happened in the game was as follows: Vang defeated Staryu one on one, but I switched him for Zea when Starmie showed up, since he was already kinda damaged. And then Zea got OHKO'd on a switch by a crit Water Pulse. Brom dealt with Starmie afterwards.

How did steen talk? I was a bit confuse, I thought he was mute. Also great job on your comic. Your a great artist and great at making this wonderful plot. Also did PG mean that Zealand held the team together, when he said how much this battle cost.

Losing a teammate always hurts. Especially from a critical hit, since it feels evn more unfair. Though, it would have been worse if she had survived the crit Water Pulse with 1-2 HP left, only to get confuse and kill hersef...

Anyways, congrats for getting this far!

@Moneybear: I think Steen had some psychic residue from mewtwo, allowing him to control Oliver, and talk through him

@This Nuzlocke Sucks: Hey, I respect your opinion - not so much the way you word it.

I won't delete your comment, but you might wanna think a bit more about the first part of the phrase "constructive criticism" (you've got the second part down pretty well). Would a comment like yours help you fix your work if you were the author it was addressed to? Or would it make you think there's one more idiot in the world?

I have... Let me check... over 200 other people who read my comic and have it in their "Favourites". Your unnecessarily rude comment will inevitably drown in the sea of the rest of them and all it will accomplish is make you look like a jerk.

But if you're fine with being one, by all means, stick around. You're not actually popular until you get your own "haters", you can be my first if you want.

@eworm: your first hater already? My my! This nuzlocke got around quickly!

I love this *v*

This nuzlocke is awesome!
Freakin hater, first goes all crazy, and then they delete their comment.
Oh well, now your completly popular :D

Now here's some creative criticism rather than plain hating which gets you nowhere. So in my opinion you have done a lot of character development and I can see a lot more is going to go into Vang, the story moves rather slow although you detail it well, it could do with a bit of a speed boost rather than dragging, also you might enjoy replying to your guest's comments more often, good luck with the nuzlocke


Noo Zea! Oh man I love your comic! I like the fact that all your characters are more that just 1 dimensional and that they each have their own strengths and flaws. Zea will be missed but not forgotten.

I'm checking this comic every day the story
has me so excited I hope the update speed is steadier soon

@youngsparky (and others waiting): Sorry for the lack of updates, got pretty busy. The next chapter will probably begin with the annual New Year's Eve update.

@eworm: thanks for the reply, now I know when to expect an update. Now I just need a new year's resolution that doesn't end in me wondering "what is life without chocolate and pokemon?"

Nooooo Zea whyyyy!!!!! So sad :,(

Dang man. I just binge read ALL of this today. Gotta say, I'm in love with this run! Your characters are very well thought out, and the comic is moving at a very nice pace! Keep up the good work!

I find that reading Nuzlocke comics often have death, but only two have ever made me feel sad. Zea was an example, along with (SPOILERS) Jojjo the beedrill in Hard Life.

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