#199 - Cursed [Big]


November 5th, 2015, 3:29 am

So to answer your suspicions - no, the Tentacruel did not end up as a friendly new teammate.

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Let's start the 3-parts chapter finale with a light dose of WHAT?! Although You should have seen that coming, honestly, I've been dropping hints left and right.

I'm sure it stands for "Repairs" and the handyman will be here any second now...


Expect page #200 (wow!) in a week - November 12th. Yup, this is too big of a chapter finale to have long breaks in-between. See You Thursday!
eworm, November 5th, 2015, 2:39 am

y would you do thisQ and at that moment... Aniyoyo read it...
and realised it was a fake


360 degrees

you got me there xD for a second i thought that vang really died. the pg thing is clever as well. at first i thought "just a costume kinda lame" but then... woah! pg is a really old dude xD also i feel kinda bad for jirachi, it sleeps thousand years only to be awake for 7 days.

Well, I was sort of close. I thought PG was a disguised Archen.

Great job on this page! The layout is just wonderful, and the story just steadily builds, and builds, and builds, and... Wait, It's still building!

YES!!! VANG!!, ur cool Zack ur such a cool boy<3<3 I Love the idea of HIM saving VANG bc of what Protag toldv him right? she sacrified herself for him so he did that, such cool.

-the tentacruel was just protecting its child

-Vang is still in the game for now

-Jirachi is a thing now

-and PG is some sort of distant cousin to Archeon!

-Oh, and the ship is about to go "Allahu Akbar Titanic-style"

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