#201 - Kanto's Shield [Big]


November 19th, 2015, 10:00 am

I hope You'll think next time before making fun of his easy Gym battle or throwing lame rock-puns his way...
I salute You, Brock.

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Three years, people. When I began drawing the first ugly strip of Yonkoma Nuzlocke, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. The comic has progressed beyond what I ever expected out of it and by this point sky's the limit - for which I have all of You to thank. Keep reading, commenting, voting and sharing, Your support is what makes me constantly try to outdo myself. Here's to a great fourth year...

And what a way to start it, huh. This is the biggest, most important turning point in the story, where the focus shifts. It's no longer the Leaders and Rockets getting mixed up in Doug and Gary's journey - it's Doug and Gary getting mixed up in the war between the Leaders and Team Rocket... War in which our heroes seem to have lost the first battle...

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eworm, November 19th, 2015, 9:34 am


I... I'm at a loss of words. I never expected to see thing turn out this way. I mean, yeah, Pokemon die sometimes, that's one of the main challenges of Nuzlocke and features (can I call it that?) of a Nuzlocke comic... But... Brock? Man, this comic is getting darker with every strip!

Poor Brock, I didn't expect something like this. The writing of his death was really good here, I appreciate that (And it's so cute that Sabrina holds Gary's arm! Is it weird that I ship them?) The part between Vang and Zack was also really good. I don't like it in many Nuzlockes when two Pokémon are arguing because it's often very badly written but you did good here. I also liked his reaction about Zea's death, it wasn't exxagerated.

As for the nominations, I nominated your Nuzlocke for Best Pokémon (Vang), Best Rival (Gary), Best Plot and Best Overall Nuzlocke (I think it's called), you deserve it. <3 Your Nuzlocke is one of my favorites and one of the few that entertains me the most.

Brock, you just earned yourself a nomination for "best supporting character".

Plot Twist: He kills Giovanni and is actually the main villain.

oh my god OH MY GOD BROCK NO
but vang got rekt to space

Well, turns out I forgot about all the Viridian Gym Leader fiasco so technically it's not the first time a human died in this comic before. But still... Brock...

It ends tonight, it ends tonight Kudos to he gets the comment's tittle. Anyways may Arceus send your soul to the right place. As you ate this run's second death...wait did I read that right? Second, if human death is included in the count then shouldn't be...no just 2 okay.

Greatness that was real good.

Unfortunate... You've now bumped the "Losses" number up, which means I'll constantly be trying to remember what the second Pokémon was that you lost in the Nuzlocke.

Interesting plot twist, though.

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