#202 - Miracle


November 24th, 2015, 4:08 pm

Wait, Fuchsia? Isn't the next Gym Leader supposed to be... Oooh...

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He's alive, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the efforts of a very skilled young doctor... Seriously, continuity be damned again (it really doesn't matter much), this is what he grows up to do and You know it. It's pretty much canon.

Seriously though, are You happy to see Brock survive or do You think I got scared of going all the way with his sacrifice? Because I can assure You, there is absolutely no real reason for how he made it in this most impossible way. Nothing will be explained about this, it's just a cheap cop-out.

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eworm, November 24th, 2015, 3:24 pm

Docter Walter looks like Wally.

Also, is that a mega stone I see!?

@Critic: I can't tell if You're joking or not, but yeah, that IS Wally, years after the ORAS plot. And no, it's a Key Stone actually.


I meant key stone. xD

...And through the power of being a (web)comic character, he survives! Wo-ho! ^^

Huh? Still two losses?

As much as I liked Brock's "sacrifice" in the last page, I don't like it how he survived here. He didn't have to die but you could have had an better explanation, maybe with a flashback. That kind of ruined the last page for me. :/ (But it is nice to see Wally!)

@LumpySpacePrince: Better explanation? How about AN explanation, because I haven't given ANY yet. I can see where You're coming from, but trust me, there's more to his survival than a lucky break, but that's something to be explained a little later.

And yes, two losses... Also to be put in perspective later. Not that nearly losing Brock to the Rockets' dastardly scheme doesn't qualify as a "loss".

Oh, then I apologize, I understood something wrong here haha. I'm relieved, I should have known that someone as good as you in storytelling wouldn't do something like that.

You misspelled fuschia on the hospital

@Ren: That's the correct spelling. You've been living a lie.

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