#230 - Dark [Big]


April 17th, 2016, 5:33 am

Spot the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" reference.

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So am I supposed to tag this comic as "tragedy" now, or...?

Seriously, I have no idea if Blaine is more sympathetic or despicable. I also don't know who's the more tragic figure here, him or Sabrina. Or Brom. Or Ivan. Dagnabbit, this is supposed to be a comedy comic, why does everyone have a sad backstory?!

Expect Oak's Elemental Theory to come back every once in a while. It is a yet unexplored, but really major part of the YN lore. Let's hope we don't have more Fire-types among our human cast, am I right?

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eworm, April 17th, 2016, 4:47 am

What a page! Very nice page, with the backstory and all.

Some things I'd like to say:

TYPO on the part where Blaine says "after the Rockets are dealth with" which is dealt instead of dealth

SPOON MEWTWO just like the manga. I like that touch.

HEAD SPLATTERING. Scary, brutal, somewhat disgusting, and I like it.

Very nice. I love seeing the different twists people put on Blaine's backstory.

Ooh, the last couple of panels were really well written/paced. Good job :O

Well, of course Sabrina is more tragic. Blaine screwed himself up, and Brom hasn't had anything reeeally bad happen to him yet. As for Ivan, well, he's not as relevant, because he died too quickly.

MAN, that was dark... So Sabrina woke Mewtwo up? Perhaps Blaine should have left the helmet on; maybe Sabrina would have been able to control it. Or at least calm it down...

WHAT THE HECK This is ALOT of plot, sir. Can you make it stand out in just the right amount?

i really think now that your version of sabrina is one of my favorite gym leader versions in nuzlockes

Poor Ivan.... Because of Mewtwo, Ivan will never get "a head" in life... Too soon?

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