#248 - Safe


August 29th, 2016, 5:31 pm

Foreshadowed somewhat on the chapter's cover. Let's hope Riza the Natu is more powerful than she looks...?

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A three-parter incoming. Hard at work on BIG pages, it's going to be quite something.
eworm, August 29th, 2016, 4:39 pm

I'd say this is likely to end well for gary, providing his natu is at least able to use a flying move and a psychic one, he'll have 2 STAB+super effective moves.
And if he uses gen 2 tms he definitely could have a healing move mixed in.
I think this will be under the 'cool' voting option.

Any other Gary it would be stupid, but this Gary makes it cool.

Agreed with Gothimo.
This Gary is probably one of the coolest Garys in Nuzlocke comics, thus most of his plans are cool by default.
That said, hope Riza's not planning to battle much, Natu aren't exactly sturdy.

I say Gary is cool, but having Zack watch Sabrina and Daisy isn't the best move. Flying type moves would help in the gym. Though having the natu might help. Plus Strangy would help if he has poison moves might help against tangla.

Both? Stupidly cool?

ahh we're still here! it's so weird i dreamed about you drawing the alolan rattata and raticate and posting it here and i couldn't say if the dream was true or not rn so i checked here haha

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