#383 - Reunion


April 25th, 2019, 2:56 am

I know, I know - you expected me to stick to the games as usual, never bringing out Mewtwo until post-League. I'll do my own thing, just this once.

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...actually just Mr. Fuji in a costume!

Nope. Making his first real appearance in the story (all the prior ones were flashbacks, remember?) is Mewtwo! Better stop bickering, you two, because this is going to be one hell of a wild encounter. We have three dangerous Psychic types clashing... What is going to happen?

Prepare yourselves, my Yonkies, for Shipshipping Month! A three-parter that starts on May 2nd and will, coincidentally, last the entirety of the month - focusing on Gary, Sabrina and Mewtwo. This is not the Pokémon Tower subplot you know from the games (big surprise), so stay tuned for Chapter XII's big finish!

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eworm, April 25th, 2019, 2:56 am

*rubs my greedy little hands together for incoming shipshipping*

Wow... My last comment on this comic was on April 17th, 2016. I kind of distanced myself away from smackjeeves for years, but then I remembered your comic and felt like rereading it. Many hours well spent :P

I remember when I first read this I wasn't all too interested in shipshipping, but now that I'm older I definitely am. I love their dynamic, so this is going to be an entertaining month ^^

@Meta-Akira: I know I'm the one who has just announced Shipshipping Month, but it still hilarious that it is indeed the ship people are commenting on, rather than freakin' Mewtwo ^^ He's the common denominator behind almost everything in the comic - and yet. Should I be proud of my work on these two or worried that the main plot is too boring? Or maybe I should worry about being in the same camp myself?

@ParaFox: Wow, long time no see. Glad you enjoyed coming back - and even glader that you missed my own "distancing". Hope you'll have fun riding this train(wreck) of mine and remember the age-old rule: ♪~Comment if you care~♫ ^^

It's pretty freaky to think that this comic has been going on for so long that my readers can actually have "grown up" and be quite different people than when they started. Of course this applies to me and the comic itself as well, but man, we've been at it for a while!

@eworm: Nah, I'm really hyped for Mewtwo, but I had a feeling he was gonna be making an appearance soon, with all the little plot breadcrumbs you've been leaving.

And you should definitely be proud of these two, because they're both unique takes on characters that have been rehashed many times by other people. They're very refreshing versions to see! In fact, I 'd say these are my favorite versions of the characters in any Nuzlocke I've seen! uvu

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