#385 - Monster [Big]


May 16th, 2019, 12:58 am

If you really do some thinking about Mewtwo here - what Mewtwo does, what Mewtwo doesn't do and what Mewtwo was doing here in the first place - and then think back to page #230... You might just blow your own mind (hint hint), so be careful.

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I guess... there are some things even Mewtwo can't do...

If you recall, Sabrina has vowed to regain her eyesight and even decided not to cut her hair until she does. But here we have it - it's not happening. Even Mewtwo can't restore her vision. I've been rather vague about her inner conflict thus far, suggesting that she just wants "respect" despite her height or that she wants her eyesight back - but I hope it is now clear that it's not just about that. Gary was way off in his assessment on the previous page - Sabrina would love nothing more than to be "ordinary" and she is far from proud of her powers. But she's been trapped in a loop of needing her ESP due to the suffering her ESP caused. It has caused her to become visibly "abnormal" - short and blind - even when she's not using her powers at all, and don't get me started on her luck with... parents. She hates her powers, but she needs her powers... and will always need them.

So if that late title drop felt like a sentencing to you... yeah, it was meant to. I don't usually use my comic format itself for dramatic effects like this, but I ain't missing that good of an opportunity to really punctuate the point. And yes, this three-parter has a clear "title theme". Is Sabrina a "Blind little girl"? Is she a "Monster"? Or maybe...?

I teased you how the trio visiting a grave would be important later on... Well, this is pretty much their purpose realized. They have unknowingly taught Mewtwo a little thing about a certain human tradition and the meaning behind it. And you know what mutually understood symbols and meanings allow for? Communication. Mewtwo can actually be "talked" with, who knew. Doesn't speak though... which kinda reminds me of someone, but I can't quite put my stinger on who...

Next time on Yonkoma Nuzlocke's Shipshipping Month: Gary... dies?
Stay tuned for the finale on May 30th!

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eworm, May 16th, 2019, 12:58 am

getting juicy

ToT so emotional! I love it when Gary has a different expression from angry eyebrows, it's a rare sighting!

I love that you dont give her back her eyesight. I'm kinda tired of the "disabled person loses their disability to symbolize character growth" trope, and her problems go much deeper than just her blindness. She needs to realize just gaining her eyesight is not going to make her normal. It's not going to wipe away her past.

Also are you implying that Mew was Mewtwo? Or does Mewtwo share Mew's memories? Or is Sabi just mixing the two in her mind because of their same aura?

@ZeroProStudio: I can't blame you for not remembering, but back on page #230, when we had that flashback to Mewtwo's awakening, Ivan the Beheaded mentioned how "Mew left after Fuji". Mew was hanging out in the lab for a while before that point, so little Sabi had the opportunity to play with her and that's what we're seeing.

Oof, tears.

Also, don't mind me asking, but could you make a chart of all the types and what personalities come from them?

@IconicAnemone: The entire Elemental Theory is gradually going to be revealed throughout the comic, so I intended to only make that kinda chart near the end. But since I've been getting requests for something like this for a while now, you can expect it to drop alongside Chapter XIII's beginning.

@eworm thx!

She was definitely mad right then and there! Both Mad Angry, and Mad Insane!

But Mewtwo had other plans... just... what were they?

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